At Vintage Charm we carry three lines of jewellery, Vintage Acorn, Just One and Glee Jewelry.

Vintage Acorn is a handmade jewellery company based in Kitchener, Ontario. Each collection focuses on a different theme, element, or idea. All of which speak to "imaginative souls and lovers of simple design."

Just One is a fair trade line that offers world changing fashion. Made by former child soldiers, women who are HIV positive and or living in extreme poverty. When you purchase a piece you are supporting someone who is struggling to survive. We love this jewellery line not just because of what it stands for but also because each piece provides a thoughtful, unique and beautiful gift for someone you love.

Glee Jewelry is based in beautiful Victoria, B.C. on Vancouver Island where the abundance of natural beauty is almost overwhelming. You may notice many of our designs have an organic flair and compliment individual styles- whether you consider yours to be contemporary, exotic or simplistic.

 All metals used in Glee’s designs are plated and use a high quality electro plating. The plating does have an anti tarnish component to help extend the life of the plating as well. All of the metals are completely hypoallergenic as they are nickel and lead free.

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Small Opal Disk
Box Link Chain
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Kinship Stud Earrings
Amore Ring (Silver & Gold in Various Sizes)
Carrie Ring (Silver & Gold in Various Sizes)
Amore Studs (2 Colours)
Amado Heart Earrings (3 Styles)
Teagen Studs (3 Styles)
Aurora Studs (2 Styles)
Elephant Necklace
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Satellite Ball Chain
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Lightning Bolt Necklace
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Hammered Moon Necklace
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"Amani" Earrings (2 Styles)
Twere Necklace (Multiple Styles)
Bevelled Oval Chain
Opal Sunburst Necklace
Interlocking Circles Necklace
Little Gold Horn Necklace
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Tiny Star Stud Earrings (2 Styles)
Star & Moon Stud Earrings (2 Styles)
Short Bar Earrings (2 Styles)
Sparkle Circle Earrings (Various Colours)
Druzy Stone Necklace (Circle or Triangle)
Lavender/Wildflower/Pine Necklace
Half Moon Earrings (3 Styles)
Earth Necklace
Tiny Moon Necklace
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Solid Sparkle Round Wood Earrings (3 Colours)
Open Circle Earrings (2 Styles)
Chevron Necklace (2 Styles)
Hexagon Necklace (2 Styles)
Bee Necklace (2 Styles)
Bar Earrings (2 Styles)
Hexagon Frame Earrings ( 2 Styles)
Triangle Earrings (2 Styles)
61 results
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