At Vintage Charm we carry two lines of jewellery, Vintage Acorn and Just One.

Vintage Acorn is a handmade jewellery company based in Kitchener, Ontario. Each collection focuses on a different theme, element, or idea. All of which speak to "imaginative souls and lovers of simple design."

Just One is a fair trade line that offers world changing fashion. Made by former child soldiers, women who are HIV positive and or living in extreme poverty. When you purchase a piece you are supporting someone who is struggling to survive. We love this jewellery line not just because of what it stands for but also because each piece provides a thoughtful, unique and beautiful gift for someone you love.

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Fan tassel necklace (2 styles)
Lotus Necklace
Lavender/Wildflower/Pine Necklace
Earth Necklace
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Mod Shape Necklace (3 Styles)
Half Gold Circle Necklace (2 Styles)
White Howlite Half Moon Stone Necklace
Only 1 left!
Antler Necklace
Only 1 left!
Flower Necklace
Only 2 left!
Hexagon Necklace (2 Colours)
Chevron Necklace
Hammered Gold Bar Necklace
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Bee Necklace (2 Colours)
Long Chevron Necklace (2 Colours)
Face Necklace (2 Styles)
Silver Gemstone Pendant
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Layered Triangle Earrings
Triangle Frame Earrings ( 2 Styles)
Triangle Earrings ( 2 Styles)
Hexagon Frame Earrings ( 2 Styles)
Open Circle Earrings ( 2 Styles)
Bar Earrings (2 Colours)
Short Bar Earrings (2 Styles)
Sparkle Circle Earrings
Solid Sparkle Round Wood Earrings (3 Colours)
Wood Triangle Earrings - Various Styles
Only 1 left!
Hammered Brass Bangle
Only 1 left!
Three Tone Chevron (2 Styles)
White and Brass Heart Necklace
Only 1 left!
Long Wood Rectangle Necklace
Only 1 left!
Long Circle Wood Necklace
Only 1 left!
Bar Necklace
Sold Out
Bar Necklace
Short Wood Necklace
Only 2 left!
Brass Fringe Necklace
Only 1 left!
Long Arrow Necklace ( 2 Styles)
Long Bar Necklace (2 Styles)
54 results
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