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Monstera Leaf Necklace
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Turquoise Howlite Stone Bar Necklace
Only 2 left!
White Howlite Half Moon Stone Necklace
Only 1 left!
Cactus Necklace
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Geometric Shapes Necklace
Lotus Necklace
Flower Necklace
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Moroccan Flower
Gold Triangle Necklace
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Little Gold Bar Necklace
Choker Necklace
Little Curved Bar Necklace
Little V Necklace
Hexagon Necklace (2 Colours)
Chevron Necklace
Coloured Dot Necklace (3 Colours)
Long Gemstone Necklace
Only 2 left!
Mint and Peach Geometric Wood Necklace
Only 2 left!
Geometric Wood Necklace
Gold Triangle Geometric Earrings
Bar Earrings (2 Colours)
Gold Hexagon Frame Earrings
Gold Open Circle Earrings
Ear Climber (Left/Right)
Floral Fabric Button Earrings - Various Styles
Wood/Rose Gold Circle Earrings
Rectangle Bar Necklace
Linking Hexagon Necklace
Long Brass Arrow Necklace
Brass Geometric necklace
Only 1 left!
Brass Bib Necklace
Only 2 left!
Brass and White Bone Hexagon Necklace
Long Black Triangle Necklace
Only 1 left!
Short Black Triangle Necklace
Only 1 left!
Brass Geometric Lariat Necklace
Only 2 left!
Long Brass Coin Necklace
Only 1 left!
76 results
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