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Monstera Leaf Necklace
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Lotus Necklace
Pineapple Gold Necklace
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Bee Necklace (2 Colours)
Flower Necklace
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Mountain Silhouette Necklace
Hexagon Necklace (2 Colours)
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Chevron Necklace
Long Chevron Necklace (2 Colours)
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Triangle Earrings ( 2 Styles)
Wood Triangle Earrings - Various Styles
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Wood Round Earrings - Various Styles
Bar Earrings (2 Colours)
Hexagon Frame Earrings ( 2 Styles)
Triangle Frame Earrings ( 2 Styles)
Open Circle Earrings ( 2 Styles)
Solid Sparkle Round Wood Earrings (3 Colours)
Long Arrow Necklace ( 2 Styles)
Long White and Brass Heart Necklace
Small White and Brass Heart Necklace
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Three Tone Chevron (2 Styles)
Hawaii Towel - Ast. colours
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Hasir Towel-  Ast. colours
Hasir Hand Towel - Ast. colours
Diamond Towel -  Ast. colours
Diamond Hand Towel
Geometric Towel- Assorted Colours
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Kubwa Earrings (2 Styles)
Half Gold Circle Necklace (2 Styles)
Heart Earrings
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Donut Keychain assorted
Lavender/Wildflower/Pine Necklace
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Nguvo Earrings (2 Styles)
Coin Necklace
Coin Necklace
Chevron Necklace.
Brass Fringe Necklace
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103 results
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