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Admiration Studs (2 Styles)
Alluring Necklace- Mother of Pearl (2 Styles)
Alluring Studs-Mother of Pearl (2 Styles)
Amity Ring-Adjustable (2 Styles)
Amore Heart Necklace (2 Styles)
Amore Ring (2 Styles in Various Sizes)
Antique Studs- Mother of Pearl (2 Styles)
Brea Necklace (2 Styles)
Brooklin Hoop Earrings (3 Styles)
Caprice Necklace (2 Styles)
Cherish Studs (2 Styles)
Connected Ring (2 Styles in Various Sizes)
Cutie Heart Stud Earrings (2 Styles)
Ezra Necklace (2 Styles)
Friendship Necklace- White Pearl (2 Styles)
Kinship Studs (2 Styles)
Lone Medallion Necklace (2 Styles)
Love Earrings (2 Styles)
Penelope Cuff (2 Styles)
Pinpoint Hoops (2 Styles)
Ramona Ring (2 Styles)
Siren Necklace (2 Styles)
Sister Necklace (2 Styles)
Vintage Studs (2 Styles)
Viva Earrings (2 Styles)
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