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Harmony Hand Towel (3 Colours)


Design, color, aesthetic, softness and weave - all in perfect harmony. This textured beauty is suitable for bath, picnics, home, and workouts - its styling potential is endless, and effortless.

Made to last by artisans who specialize in their craft, the Harmony towel is woven with 100% pure Turkish cotton, resulting in a soft hand-feel, but with extra long durable fibres that become softer with use and washes.

Easy to care for, this elegantly textured Poko towel reigns in versatility for both indoor and outdoor use. An ideal complement your space with its minimalist pattern - we love seeing the creative ways you’ve used Poko towels for tablescapes, travel, living areas, and of course for your hands for all seasons.

Not just a thoughtful gift for those in your community, but a useful and beautiful one, too. Foodies, new home owners, wanderlusters, hosts and creatives have all told us how much these have meant to them. We can’t wait to see how you bring a little ‘Harmony’ into your space.