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Cotton Belly Basket (4 Sizes)
Two Tone Basket (White or Black in 3 Sizes)
Natural Straw Basket (3 Sizes)
Round Straw Pots (5 Styles)
Blush/Natural Basket (3 Sizes)
Cotton Basket (3 Sizes)
Cotton Basket (3 Sizes)
From $10.00 $20.00
Grey/Natural Basket (3 Sizes)
Hanging Pot Basket (2 Colours)
Rust/Natural Basket (3 Sizes)
Natural Basket with Cream Base (3 sizes)
Black/Natural Plant Baskets (3 Sizes)
Storage Basket (2 Colours)
Green/Natural Straw Basket (3 Sizes)
Plant Baskets Black Stripe (3 Sizes)
Seagrass Plant Baskets (3 Sizes)
Rattan Wall Basket Multi-Coloured
Only 1 left!
Set of 3 Baskets
Rectangular Basket (Set of 5)
Only 1 left!
Rattan Open Weave Basket
Only 1 left!
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