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Cabas Placemat
Cabas Placemat
Sale price$12.95
Double Bowl w/ Spoon
Double Bowl w/ Spoon
Sale price$14.95
Jute Placemat (3 Styles)Jute Placemat (3 Styles)
Jute Placemat (3 Styles)
Sale priceFrom $5.95
Large Jug Vase
Large Jug Vase
Sale price$49.95
Mini Pinch Bowls (Various Colours)Mini Pinch Bowls (Various Colours)
Mini Pinch Bowls (Various Colours)
Sale price$5.50
Porcelain Scoop (2 Sizes)Porcelain Scoop (2 Sizes)
Porcelain Scoop (2 Sizes)
Sale priceFrom $7.95
Slim Board w/ Strap ( 2 sizes)Slim Board w/ Strap ( 2 sizes)
Slim Board w/ Strap ( 2 sizes)
Sale priceFrom $40.95
Terracotta Coaster- Set of 4 (2 Styles)Terracotta Coaster- Set of 4 (2 Styles)