Pima Cotton Socks (2 Styles in Various Sizes)

"These are premium, fairly-traded, Peruvian pima cotton socks! All styles of pima socks are custom Pokoloko designs created in collaboration with the entire Poko team's input. Pima cotton is exceptional for its extra-long silky fibers, and Peru is famous worldwide for being one of the globe's most perfect climates in which to grow this luxury cotton. Peruvian pima cotton is hand-harvested, which means the production process has a much-reduced impact on the environment compared to a machine-based harvesting production process. Hand-harvesting also means there is significantly less non-cotton matter gathered while collecting the cotton, which contributes to pima cotton's purity and elevated quality. Pima cotton is pile-resistant, ultra-durable, remarkably soft, and refinedly smooth. It is hypoallergenic for those with sensitive skin, and it's breathable and moisture-wicking for those active sock-lovers."
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