Our unique knob collection allows you to add personality and a defined style to your piece of furniture or cabinetry. We have a range of styles from rustic to glamorous, vintage to modern.
52 results
Ceramic Floral Knob (3 Colours)
Ceramic Flower with Gold Trim
Only 1 left!
Marble Gild Knob
Only 2 left!
Resin/Wood Knob
Marble Slice Knob
Mango Slice Knob
Marble and Brass Knob
Only 1 left!
Grey Marble and Brass Knob
Only 2 left!
Geo Pearl Knob
Triangle Marble Knob
Only 1 left!
Cream/Wood Pull
White Milk Glass
Pink with gold
Resin carved with brass
Only 2 left!
Wood Knob with Brass Etching
Round Brass Knob
Gold Bee Knob
Brass Pineapple Knob
Brass Etched Floral Knob
Cigar wood/metal knob
Seahorse Knob
Pink Lily Knob
Ceramic Flower Knob
Indigo Breeze Knob
Flora Knob
Flora Knob
Blue Valentine Knob
Shore Stone Knob **Each Knob Unique**
Ceramic engraved - 3 colours
Cast Iron Owl - 3 colours
Ceramic Mini Pumpkin
Smooth Pumpkin - 3 colours
Diamond Shaped Cut Knob
Vintage Style Glass Knob
Only 1 left!
Glass Silver Flower
Glass Mercury Pumpkin
Glass Crystal Cut - silver
52 results
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